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So,what is piles? Piles is a painful medication condition that causes the anal region to swell up and start bleeding. Piles are also known as hemorrhoids and can be both on the inside or the external bit of the anus. The anal lumps can range in size and shape but can change color according to severity. Usually, piles can come and go and would not require medical attention. But it can also turn chronic and eventually persist unless treated in someone unfortunate.

What are the symptom of piles?

Pain in the anal region.
Feeling of soft or hard lumps in the anal region.
Difficulty and pain while passing stool
Bleeding from the anus
Discharge of Mucus from the anus
Anal region starts getting red and sore
Itching near in the anal region.

What are the main causes of piles?

Piles can be hereditary and may be passed on to kin
Deficiency of Fiber in the daily diet.
Not enough fluid intake
Physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle
Excessive mental and emotional stress
Excessive stress exertion during bowel movements
Digestive disorders such as chronic constipation or diarrhea
Standing or sitting constantly for many hours at a stretch without rest
Sitting on the toilet for long periods of time.
Pregnancy may trigger symptoms
Lifting heavy weights at gym or workplace constantly.
Obesity and excess fat
Impact on intestine due to a past surgery
Injury to the spinal cord that can affect in rectal and bladder dysfunction
Problems with the floor of the pelvis.

Piles can be a very embarrassing and discomforting disorder if not cured. Surgeries, oral and topical medication can all help mitigate symptoms of piles and help treat it if a permanent cure is not a plausible option. Physical exercise such as brisk walking, breathing exercise, and yoga have all proven to be assistive with piles cure

Once affected by piles. It is first imperative to ensure that you do not make the situation any worse. Only then your medication will work more effectively and the treatment could be boosted further.

Here are a few common mistakes you should avoid that can trigger your piles.

Include High fiber food in your diet: Eat more vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber. Fiber will help soften your stools so you would not need to strain while on the toilet.
Drink lots of water:Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to keep your stools soft (avoid alcohol)
Never Strain:Holding your breath or straining when passing stool can badly impact the nerves in the lower rectum.
Pass bowel movements ASAP:Go to the toilet as soon as you get the urge to pass stool. Avoiding bowel movements for long can cause the stool to harden.
Get enough exercise:Proper exercise helps prevent constipation and relaxes the veins that are affected due to long hours of standing or sitting.


Homeopathic treatment has become one of the best and most convenient option of treating the problem of piles and that is primarily because there is no dependency on the drugs and there is also no side-effects.


Dr. Batra’ssystematic approach towards solving the problem of piles while targeting the real cause of the problem and strengthening the immune system. We have successfully treated a plethora of clients and patients who recommend the standard services and homeopathic products offered at Dr. Batra’s.

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